Jammed Garage Door? Here’s A Few Inspection Points

Powered garage doors have a lot of modern technology that makes the movement smooth and predictable. Unfortunately, homeowners may not maintain their systems as thoroughly as necessary, leading to years if not decades of debris buildup and corrosion. If your garage door isn't moving the way it used to or isn't moving at all, consider a few inspection points and reasons for poor performance. Gearbox Buildup Blues Some garage door systems use a gearbox setup that moves rails through a motorized box of gears. Read More 

5 Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips To Prevent Repairs

Repairs on a garage door can be both expensive and time consuming. In order to help avoid these situations, you will want to know these five simple maintenance tasks that can easily help you avoid many garage door repairs: Lubricate the Moving Parts: There are many moving parts of the garage door, such as the springs and rollers. All of these things should be regularly lubricated with special oil made specifically for garage doors you can purchase from your local hardware store. Read More 

Why A Garage Door Might Not Open

Are you unable to take advantage of parking your car in the garage because it doesn't open? The problem may stem from the garage door being old, but there are various other possible reasons why it won't open.  Find out below what can prevent a garage door from opening up and what getting it replaced by a professional might cost. Why is the Garage Door Not Opening as it Should? Read More 

Answering Common Questions About Garage Door Issues

The garage door is a part of the home that is commonly misunderstood by homeowners. This can cause homeowners to fail to understand how some issues with the door should be handled. Unfortunately, mistakes when handling minor issues can lead to major problems for your garage door, and this is why it is important for you to be informed about these issues. By understanding the answers to the following questions, you should be in a much stronger position to have these routine garage door problems addressed. Read More 

Ways To Make Your Garage Cooler

Living in a hot climate can make your garage very uncomfortable. This is especially a problem if your garage is facing the sun and the temperature rises all day, eventually reaching an unbearable temperature. Even worse is how the heat generated from the cars that enter the garage can raise the temperature of the garage. While insulating your garage door might seem like a great idea when it is cold, if you don't live in a climate that is cold, you will need to choose the right type of insulation and also use other methods of keeping your garage cool. Read More