3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Not Opening

Garage doors can be quite fickle, especially if you have an electronic garage door with an automatic opening device. The reasons why your garage door is not opening are almost innumerable. Throughout the course of this brief article, you'll learn about a few of the reasons why your garage door isn't opening and why it might be subject to repair. 

Garage Door Malfunction

The electronics in a garage door are, like any electronic appliance, subject to malfunctioning. If you open your garage door and it "hangs" or "freezes" halfway up, or if your garage door can't decide if it wants to go up or down when you open it, then the electronics are probably malfunctioning. Sometimes this is an easy fix, as the garage door might just need to be reset. This simply requires that you unplug the electronics for 5 to 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. However, if this does not fix the issue, it is recommended that you consult the warranty provided with your garage door and call a trusted repair person (such as one from M & M Garage Doors and Service). 

Misaligned Track

Alongside either side of your garage door, from the interior side, you will see two aluminum tracks which your garage door rests upon. This track allows the garage door to slide up and down. Occasionally, your garage door might become misaligned along this track and, as such, will refuse to open. This is a problem that is easy to spot, as your garage door will look crooked. You will simply have to make sure that the slats on either side of the garage door are properly fitted into the track.

Worn or Broken Door Springs

If you find that your garage door feels "loose" when you open it, or simply flies open too quickly after having some difficulty attempting to open it, then it is most likely that the door springs are worn or broken. Door springs are located in different spots according to the make and model of the door, but are generally encased in metal tubing and can be found either on top of the door or along its sides. Replacing the springs is simply a matter of removing the spring from its casing and replacing it. Garage door springs can be purchased from most hardware stores.

If your garage door is not opening, or if you're having some difficulty opening it, chances are, the problem can be easily rectified.