3 Reasons To Consider A Security Gate For Your Driveway

One of the most useful additions that you can make to your home is a security gate, mostly because it can help make your home quite a bit more secure and private. Listed below are three reasons to consider a security gate for your driveway. Keep Strangers Out Of Your Driveway The biggest reason to consider a driveway security gate is to keep inconsiderate people from parking in your driveway. There are few things as annoying as needing to run an errand or go to work only to find that you are blocked in because a neighbor is throwing a party and his or her guests are in your driveway. Read More 

Did Your Home’s Garage Door Accidentally Open? Know Why It Can Happen

You may have come home to discover that your garage door was open all day long while you were away. The cause for this problem may not be forgetfulness, but a problem with your home's garage door. Here are 3 reasons why it could have happened. Signal Interference It's possible that other electronic equipment in the area uses a similar signal frequency, and may cause confusion with a garage door's electric opener. Read More 

Recently Get A New Garage Door? Follow These Tips For Preventing Break-Ins

Having a new automatic garage door installed at your business can be a nice convenience, but it also means that you have a new security risk as well. In order to keep your business safe, be sure to follow these 6 tips that will help prevent break-ins. Don't Leave Garage Door Openers In Vehicles You most likely have some company vehicles that need regular access to the garage door, and your first instinct will be to get each vehicle a remote opener that stays in the car. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Not Opening

Garage doors can be quite fickle, especially if you have an electronic garage door with an automatic opening device. The reasons why your garage door is not opening are almost innumerable. Throughout the course of this brief article, you'll learn about a few of the reasons why your garage door isn't opening and why it might be subject to repair.  Garage Door Malfunction The electronics in a garage door are, like any electronic appliance, subject to malfunctioning. Read More 

The ABCs Of Keeping Your Garage Door Functional In The Cold Weather

When the temperatures in your neck of the woods drop, the change in weather brings with it a few mandatory maintenance tasks as a homeowner, even when it comes to your garage doors. When the snow starts to fall and ice starts to form, it could easily leave you stuck in your garage without being able to get your door to open, and this is never a welcome situation. To prevent problems with your garage door this winter season, there is a simple ABC rule set that you should keep in mind. Read More