How To Paint Over Your Garage Doors

If your garage doors are in good shape, but the color just isn't doing anything for your home's exterior, don't jump up and order a new garage door just yet. You can actually paint over your existing garage doors with any color you prefer to give you the look you want. Paint your doors to look like faux wood, give them a carriage house look, or just paint them a different color to help update your homes exterior. See below for instructions on how to paint over your existing garage door.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Paint sprayer
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter's tape
  • Protective painter's plastic
  • TSP
  • Power washer


  1. First, you need to clean your garage door with a power washer to get rid of built-up dirt and any other debris that may be on your doors. 
  2. Once you are finished power washing, you can use a strong cleaning agent such as TSP, which helps to also get rid of the shine on your doors. Follow the manufacturer's directions, then rinse the cleaning agent with clean water and allow your doors to dry completely.
  3. Prep the area surrounding your garage doors for paint by taping protective painter's plastic in place around your door and tape plastic to the ground below your door to prevent damage from over-spray.
  4. Now you may begin painting with the paint sprayer. (If you don't have a paint sprayer at home, look into renting one from a tool rental shop.) Because garage doors usually have inlays or are textured, you'll want to move the sprayer so it's angled down and up to cover the entire garage properly. Allow the first coat to dry and then add a second coating if necessary.
  5. Once the doors are completely dry, open up the garage door. When the doors open, you'll see those strips where the paint sprayer didn't get. For these areas (in between the panels), get up on a ladder and using a paintbrush (or a roller), paint these strips. Be sure to add a second coat to these areas as well if need be.
  6. Allow the strips you just painted to dry completely before putting your garage doors back down and then remove all of the plastic and tape from around your doors.
  7. To give your doors a little added appeal, you can add some decorative hardware such as carriage house handles and faux hinges. You can find these accessories at your local hardware store. 

Painting over your garage doors helps add appeal to doors that are in good shape. Doors that are dented or damaged in any way should probably be replaced, rather than painted.