Updating Your Garage Floors To Protect Them And Make Cleaning Easier

The floor in your garage takes a lot of abuse, especially if you use the garage as a workshop or live where snow, ice, and road salt are common. The concrete floor is durable, but chemicals can stain it, and salt or other corrosive materials can damage the surface. Adding an epoxy garage floor coating is an excellent way to make the floor more durable and keep it looking great.  Read More 

Steps To Take When Your Garage Door Won’t Go Up

One of the most frustrating issues with garage doors is when they stop opening and closing properly. If you can't get your garage door to open correctly, here are some things to try. Open and Close it Manually Sometimes, opening the door manually and closing it is enough to reset the garage door system. It could be that there was an error with your garage door programming, and in a momentary glitch, it malfunctioned. Read More 

How To Paint Over Your Garage Doors

If your garage doors are in good shape, but the color just isn't doing anything for your home's exterior, don't jump up and order a new garage door just yet. You can actually paint over your existing garage doors with any color you prefer to give you the look you want. Paint your doors to look like faux wood, give them a carriage house look, or just paint them a different color to help update your homes exterior. Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider A Security Gate For Your Driveway

One of the most useful additions that you can make to your home is a security gate, mostly because it can help make your home quite a bit more secure and private. Listed below are three reasons to consider a security gate for your driveway. Keep Strangers Out Of Your Driveway The biggest reason to consider a driveway security gate is to keep inconsiderate people from parking in your driveway. There are few things as annoying as needing to run an errand or go to work only to find that you are blocked in because a neighbor is throwing a party and his or her guests are in your driveway. Read More 

Did Your Home’s Garage Door Accidentally Open? Know Why It Can Happen

You may have come home to discover that your garage door was open all day long while you were away. The cause for this problem may not be forgetfulness, but a problem with your home's garage door. Here are 3 reasons why it could have happened. Signal Interference It's possible that other electronic equipment in the area uses a similar signal frequency, and may cause confusion with a garage door's electric opener. Read More