Recently Get A New Garage Door? Follow These Tips For Preventing Break-Ins

Having a new automatic garage door installed at your business can be a nice convenience, but it also means that you have a new security risk as well. In order to keep your business safe, be sure to follow these 6 tips that will help prevent break-ins.

Don't Leave Garage Door Openers In Vehicles

You most likely have some company vehicles that need regular access to the garage door, and your first instinct will be to get each vehicle a remote opener that stays in the car. This is not the best idea for security, because someone can break into the car and steal the remote opener. Consider purchasing remote openers that are key chains, which will always be with the car keys instead of in the car.

Lock Additional Interior Doors

Your garage door may be the first line of security, but you shouldn't assume that someone can't break in. Always lock the additional doors leading to the garage as an extra line of security.

Avoid Leaving Your Door Open When Not In Use

When the door is wide open during the day, people can walk by and see everything that is in your garage. This includes equipment, tools, and other items that could be easy to steal. Keep the door closed whenever possible to prevent people seeing what sort of personal property your business has inside.

Block Off Windows With Window Film

If you have a solid garage door, then windows will not be an issue with security. However, if you do have a door with windows, you should consider covering them up. Use a window film that will severely tint the glass and make it difficult for others to see in. The window film will still allow light inside the garage, but give you the privacy that you need.

Padlock Your Garage Door From Inside The Garage

When leaving at the end of the day, take some additional security steps and padlock the garage door shut from inside. An outside lock will show to others that nobody is at the business, which gives them a cue that they won't be caught trying to break in.

Keep Your Garage Door Maintained

A garage door that is wearing down can be a target for a break in. Occasionally check the door for missing bolts, loose components, and corrosion on key parts.

For more tips on keeping your garage door, ask a local commercial garage door installation company.