Why A Garage Door Might Not Open

Are you unable to take advantage of parking your car in the garage because it doesn't open? The problem may stem from the garage door being old, but there are various other possible reasons why it won't open.  Find out below what can prevent a garage door from opening up and what getting it replaced by a professional might cost.

Why is the Garage Door Not Opening as it Should?

Your garage door may not be opening because the sensors are not allowing it to. There is actually an invisible beam shining below your door that comes from the sensors. If anything gets in the way of the beam and breaks the line, it causes the sensors to prevent the door from moving. The issue is likely a safety precaution and can be fixed by resetting the sensors. The sensors can be reset by unplugging the garage door for a minute and plugging it back up.

The torsion springs that are hooked up to the garage door can also cause a problem with opening it. Torsion springs are the most vital parts on your garage door because they are used to hold it in place and control the speed of movement. The torsion springs may have started to uncoil and are unable to handle the heavy weight of the door to lift it up. It is vital that the springs are repaired by a professional as soon as possible before they uncoil completely and possibly cause an injury.

If you have a metal garage door, inspect it to see if there are dents preventing it from opening up. Even small dents can pose a problem if they are steep enough. A professional may be able to remove minor dents and bring the door back to a functional condition. However, a garage door that is covered in dents is better off being replaced.

How Affordable is a Garage Door Replacement?

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a replacement door, you can get one for as little is $400. If you want a specific kind of door that is customized, you can pay as much as $3,000 or more if it is one that is constructed out of wood. The extent of labor for the contractor installing the door will also have an effect on the price, as some door are heavier and harder to handle than others. Talk to a garage contractor (like A AAA Allstate Door Company) to get your door repaired or replaced!