Ways To Make Your Garage Cooler

Living in a hot climate can make your garage very uncomfortable. This is especially a problem if your garage is facing the sun and the temperature rises all day, eventually reaching an unbearable temperature. Even worse is how the heat generated from the cars that enter the garage can raise the temperature of the garage. While insulating your garage door might seem like a great idea when it is cold, if you don't live in a climate that is cold, you will need to choose the right type of insulation and also use other methods of keeping your garage cool.

Getting the Right Insulation

Where you definitely will want insulation is between the garage and the rest of the home. Insulation will prevent heat from traveling from the garage to upstairs rooms. As for insulation you can add to the garage door, reflective insulation will help keep your garage cool by reflecting the heat that comes in contact with your garage door. Reflective aluminum foil is attached to cardboard. The radiant heat is then reflected.

The type of insulation you can use is based on your garage door type. Steel garage doors can use any type of insulation. The insulation is placed in the frame around the panels. If you live in a region that has both hot and cold weather, you can use one type of insulation in the winter and another type in the summer. Flat garage doors can also use reflective insulation.

Installing the Insulation

You could simply purchase and cut your own insulation. However, if you would like to make the process even easier, it is best to purchase insulation installation kits. These will come with the necessary insulation, the tools needed to install it and instructions on how to install it.

Ventilating Your Garage

Another way to cool your garage is with large ventilation fans. The fans will only be able to drop the temperature to about the same as the outdoor ambient temperature, but this can sometimes be enough to make the garage bearable. For the fans to cool effectively, you will need to open the garage doors while the fans are running to allow enough airflow to make a difference.

The air stream should be directed through the area you will travel through as you walk from your car to your house. This way, the air will help cool you as you perspire. 

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