4 Tips To Make Your Old Garage Door Look Awesome

Your garage door isn't just functional; it's also a very eye-catching part of the exterior of your home. Therefore, if your garage door starts to look worn out, then it can affect your home's curb appeal and make the rest of your home look worn as well.

You might want to install a new garage door to replace your old one, but if the old one still works well and is safe, then it might not be a good idea to do so. Instead, you can follow some of these tricks to give your garage door a fresh, new look. In no time, your garage door will look great, and you can save the money that you would have spent on a replacement.

1. Replace Worn-Out Windows

First of all, if your garage door windows look worn out, then they will make the entire garage door look old. It's not uncommon for these windows to fade, crack and otherwise become unattractive over the years. Luckily, you can purchase replacement windows from a garage door installation company, and you can put them in yourself. Most of the time, these windows are simply held in place with screws, so it shouldn't be difficult to unscrew and remove the old ones so that you can pop the new ones in place.

2. Give It a New Coat of Paint

Painting your garage door is a great way to spruce it up. You will need to clean it thoroughly, allow it to dry, add a primer and then add a couple of coats of paint. You do not have to purchase a specific type of paint, either; instead, just look for any type of paint that is rated to be used outdoors. You can paint your garage door a solid color, or use two or three different colors to create a fake "wood grain" look.

3. Add Decorative Hardware

Decorative hinges and other pretty hardware can be added to your garage door to add a nice pop. You can find this hardware at any home improvement store and install it yourself with a drill. This hardware can be added in place even if there isn't currently any hardware on your garage door, but make sure that you choose pieces that are designed for this purpose; otherwise, the hardware could be too thick and could get in the way of your garage door opening and closing.

4. Add Fake Windows

If you like the look of windows on a garage door and don't have any on yours, you can always add "faux" windows. Simply use a stencil to create the fake windows at the top of your garage door, then fill them in with black paint. Once you remove the stencil, you will see your "windows."

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