Comparing Pros And Cons Of Roll-Up And Sectional Garage Doors

If you've started a new business and need to add garage doors to part of the building, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest style available. But that garage door needs to be more than just a piece of material. The style you choose -- roll-up or sectional -- affects everything from security to what you can place in the garage. Here's a glance at what you can expect from each type.

Staying Secure and Safe

Roll-up doors win on the security front in general. While it's possible to have a flimsy roll-up door and a solid, secure sectional door, the roll-up door is usually harder to breach. There are no sections that can be kicked in; the door is one massive piece of metal. There are no hinges that can be breached, either. With sectional doors, someone can try to kick in one of the panels and make enough space to grab something and run.

Using Natural Light and Avoiding Rain

Sectional doors, however, offer the ability to keep using natural light and keep out rain. Windows can be set into each panel because the panels themselves don't bend as the door rises up. With roll-up doors, of course, the door doesn't stay flat in areas -- the whole thing has to be able to bend and curl as the door rolls up.

Using Existing Equipment

If the building previously had a garage door, it might have holes already drilled for an opener, making it easier to install a new one of the same type. Roll-up doors usually have side-located openers, and sectionals usually have overhead doors. This is a minor difference, though, as professional installers can easily add an entirely new system to your garage space.

Having Adequate Headroom

However, an overhead opener, if the garage space isn't too tall, can affect what you have in the garage. If you plan to fix cars in the space, including putting them on lifts, the opener might get in the way. A side opener for a roll-up door might interfere if you have a narrow garage space and need all the storage space you can get, including right up by the door.

Want to find out more about what type of garage door might be right for your space? Contact a professional garage door company, like Lipe Brothers Garage Doors, that has experience in commercial spaces. Their staff will evaluate your space thoroughly and come up with a great solution for you.